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Swiss Open 2014 - Offenes Doppel Finale

Gilles Perrin / Jean-Yves Perrin - Asimenia Kiroglou / Marc Balic


At most of our tournaments we record some games on video (see table of contents below).

And this is how you can get a copy of the videos:

  • At the tournaments: You can copy them from our hard drive (free of charge). Normally, one tournament is about 10 gigabytes (mpeg4-format, resolution 1280x720). So you need to bring an external drive or USB stick of sufficient size. You can freely copy the videos and give them to friends. We don't make regular old fashioned DVDs anymore, as the resolution exceeds the DVD video standard.

  • Download: You can download the current videos via bittorrent from - thanks to Finn Herpich for providing storage space and bittorrent tracker. Update 2014: Most of the newer videos are on Youtube, see next point.

  • Youtube: I upload selected matches to youtube. You can view them here in the P4P youtube channel. All remaining matches are uploaded by Finn to his Youtube channel "Foostorrents".
  • Mail: You can buy the videos via mail from either Mario Kernhardt or Martin Meyerholz (this is a private iniative from those two players; what they ask for that service is entirely up to them). Note that we from P4P don't provide a mail order service.

As I said: Everybody can copy the videos and share them with friends; they are free, as long as you keep the P4P logo and trailer intact.

Video Table of Contents

The following is the contents of all the videos we have recorded so far — the link will get you a PDF document with more detailed contents for the respective tournament. The complete contents in one single file can be found here.


(Diese Videos stammen noch aus der Zeit vor P4P, von den Turnieren der Löwen-Tour...)

Dortmund Open
Stuttgart Open
Deutsche Meisterschaft