P4P Open European Championship - 05/15-18/2008

Players 4 Players Open European Championship 2008

From May 15th to 18th, 2008, the best table-soccer players met in Germany to determine the champions at the P4P table!

  • 2008/08/01: Videos at Youtube and RSK1 – At the sports information platform RSK1 you can find some videos from the European Championschip! (Click on "search" and select "Sport / Ball / Tischfussball".) Another 10 minutes cut from the Open Doubles Final can be seen on Youtube.

  • 2008/05/21: Complete Results for all events – Congratulations to all winners! Frederic Collignon from Belgium wins the open Events with an outstanding performance! In Open Doubles, Robert Stein and Frank Brauns take the second place; and in Open Singles, Björn Hoffmann completes hist most successful year ever, with the second place and the title of vice European Champion!

  • 2008/05/18: Belgium wins Nations Cup! In a dramatic final, the team from Belgium beats Germany 3:2, with the decision in the final game (Mixed). Complete match report, by Oktay Mann...

  • 2008/05/11: Note – The tournament is in a tennis hall; please only wear sport shoes/sneakers inside the hall! The hall is a non-smoking area. Eating and drinking is only allowed in the seating areas.

  • 2008/04/15: During the P4P European championship, a table (model "Sport", with the current high power tournament rods) will be drawn by lots among all participants! The draw will be made after the last inscriptions, to give all players an equal chance. We wish to express our thanks to the company Lehmacher for donating this table!

  • 2008/02/13: We have contracted the band Critical-State for the Players Party on Friday evening (05/16)! You can find some listening examples on the band's web page – the style is high-power metal!

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