World Championship 2014

P4P Open World Championship - July 24-27, 2014

Results from the P4P World Championship 2014

Congratulations to the German National Team, who won the Nation's Cup event in an impressive way against Belgium, and to all other winners and new World Champions!

Complete results of all open events

The World Championship titles go to:

Open Doubles     

Phillip Pauli / Robert Atha

2. Thierry Müller / Christian Szüle
3. Longlong Krutwig / Yannik Hansen
Open Singles

Billy Pappas

2. Yannick Correia
3. Gilles Perrin
Amateur Doubles

Gergely Tálai / Gregor Scheibler

2. Jacek Raczkier / Jakub Ziencikiewicz
3. Menix Rasch / André Stockmanns
Amateur Singles

Benjamin Willfort

2. Michael Moutinho
3. Leonardo Stamerra
Rookie Doubles

Robert Nyitrai / Tari Balazs

2. Jürgen Baur / Umut Picakci
3. Sandor Szabo / Michael Seibold
Rookie Singles

Stephan Wolf

2. Stefan Stamerra
3. Adam Kunszt
Women's Doubles

Michéle Schneeberger / Noemi Berkeczy

2. Sabine Brose / Natalie Jacob
3. Ellen Van Onckelen / Josefine Heber
Women's Singles

Nasja Segal

2. Verena Rohrer
3. Jessica Bechtel

Yannick Correia / Nasja Segal

2. Marc Balic / Josefine Heber
3. Sabine Brose / Rocco Raven
Senior Doubles

Hansruedi Breitenmoser / Herbert Perrin

2. Jeroen Nabuurs / Rainer Müller
3. Giammarino Stamerra / Hartmut Baumgärtner
Senior Singles

Jeroen Nabuurs

2. Hansruedi Breitenmoser
3. Andreas Storm

Robert Nyitrai / Tamas Csige

2. Steve Dias / Ralf Küven
3. Tim Meyburg / Rocco Raven

Dominik Verlage / Andreas Retzlaff

2. Thierry Müller / Ulrich Stoepel
3. Tony Spredeman / Gregor Scheibler



Nation's Cup Results

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Gewinner der Verlosung

1. Preis Ullrich Tournament: Michael Ueberbach
2. Preis Ullrich Sport: Refik Yücel
3. Preis Ullrich Home: Deborah Blessing
4. Preis 39 Zoll LED TV Telefunken: Thierry Lanners
5. Preis DLP Beamer BenQ MS521P: Michal Ziolkowski

Herzlichen Glückwunsch!




WM 2014 Poster

From July 24th to 27th, P4P will be hosting the Players 4 Players Open Table-Soccer World Championship 2014!

With a total price money of about 50,000 € and an estimated participation of 700 - 1000 players, this is one of the largest foosball tournaments worldwide!

In addition to the open events, there will be an invitational team competition with national teams from different countries, the "P4P Nation's Cup"!

Location will be the MARITIM hotel in Bonn.

More information in the menu to the left!