Pre-registration for Swiss Open 2021

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Because of Corona you have to register in advance this time, at least for the Saturday events - you can still change something at the tournament, it's primarily about the number of participants.

And this is how it works:

  • - This is the entry page of our new tournament software. Here you first have to create a password for your own account.

  • Select "Login" > "Create initial password". Now you can enter your P4P player number (or your name, and then choose from the autocomplete list) and set a password.

  • Important: This assumes that you have been to a P4P tournament before and therefore have a player number. If this is your first tournament: Please fill out the P4P registration form ( and send it to, then we will create a player number for you. You are welcome to digitally sign the form, but you can also sign it at the tournament. As I said, you only have to fill out the form if you don't have a player number yet.

  • After you have set a password, you can now log in to the website (hardly surprising, choose "Login").

  • The third step is the actual registration for the tournament: In the menu under your name click "Registration" and then select all events you want to play in the mask. Four doubles events, also fill in your partners. At the bottom click on "Check", and if everything is correct "Save". You can pay your entry fees at the tournament. (The possibility to pay in advance via paypal will be added soon).

  • Please check your data, in the menu with your name > "Account". For Cornona tracking you have to enter an address and phone number, preferably also an email address. (You can delete this data later if you want. See also the privacy policy on our website

If you have any questions or problems, please contact us via Facebook or send a mail to the address above.

And now, have fun with the pre-registration and of course with the tournament in a few weeks! We're looking forward to seeing you there!

Best regards,
your P4P team

Further notes about the software:

  • Under "Account" you can activate Push Messages, we will use them to send the match calls during the tournament. This only works for Android so far, not for Apple devices. The messages will appear on every device where you have subscribed to them (so you should activate them on the smartphone you have with you at the tournament :)
  • In the user menu (under your name) you can check your entry fees, registrations and prize money.
  • You can also report the results of your matches via the app, so you don't have to come to the tournament desk after winning a game.
  • We are working on more self-service features (e. g. reporting when your opponent doesn't show up at the table).