Corona Update Darmstadt

Submitted by heinrich on

Dear players,

according to the current legal situation in Hesse and taking into account the still extremely high infection rates in Germany, we continue to assume "2G+" - this means:

  • Either triple vaccinated or
  • Double vaccinated plus current, negative test or
  • Convalescent (not more than 90 days ago) plus current, negative test.

Should there be a short-term possibility to relax to "3G" after April 2 (so that unvaccinated players can participate), we will write about it immediately. At the moment, however, it does not look like this will happen, which is of course understandable and sensible considering the number of infections.

Link to the current Corona protection concept for the tournament

There are several Covid testing centers in the immediate vicinity of the hotel, see e.g. this list: (select "Corona testing facilities" on the right)