Players 4 Players

Table Soccer Association

The P4P Inscription System

  • Inscriptions are done via electronic form where we check all the events a player wishes to play. Only if you have never been to a P4P tournament before, you have to fill in a paper form to get a player number and become a member of P4P (see below).

  • If you already have a P4P player number, you just have to come to the tournement desk, tell us that number (and the numbers of your doubles partners), and the events you want to play. We enter this information into the electronic form, you pay the calculated entry fee, and that's it.

Important: You have to know your player number, and the number(s) of your doubles partner(s)! If you don't know one of those numbers: they can be found with the self-service notebooks (menu »User / Suchen«), or via the player's gallery on our web page. In general, we don't have time to look up your number for you at the tournament desk during the inscription! (Exception: If you don't have a P4P player number yet, i.e. you have never played at one of our tournaments before. In that case, we will generate a number for you when you come to the tournament desk to make your first inscription.)

Self-service Inscription

You can also fill in the electronic registration form yourself, using one of the self-service notebooks. That way, when you come to the tournament desk, you just have to pay your inscription fee, we mark the form as »paid«, and that's it – no more need for us to fill in all the details which events you want to play and with whom. This is how it works:

  • Look at one of the self-service notebooks; select »Turnieranmeldung« in the menu at the top right.

  • Enter your player number, fill in the form with the events you want to play.

  • Click on »Testen und Berechnen«.

  • If everything looks right, click on »Zur Kasse gehen«.

  • Go to the tournament desk, we will then complete the transaction (mark your pre-filled form as »paid«).

Of course, your inscription is only finished after you have been at the tournament desk, paid the inscription fee, and we have marked the form as »paid«!

Some more Information

  • You don't have to sign in for all events in one go. You can also sign in for just one event, later for a second event and so on. The electronic form always just records the changes, and calculates the fee accordingly. Of course, we prefer it when you sign in for several events, because it minimizes the work during inscription.

  • After you have been at the tournament desk and have payed your inscription fees for one or several events, you can (and should!) use the self-service notebooks, to check if you are really signed in (we could have made a mistake, after all). To do this, select »Turnieranmeldung« in the software (like described above). Enter your player number; in the resulting form you should see a check mark for all events you are signed in for.

  • The white player registration forms are only needed for new players (who have never played a P4P tournament and therefore don't have a player number).

  • Searching for a player number works like this: menu »User / Suchen« (in the blue menu bar); or at the Players 4 Players web page under »Player's Gallery«.