Tournament cancellation Darmstadt

Submitted by heinrich on

Hello dear friends,

bad news, unfortunately... we have to cancel the tournament in Darmstadt :-(

Yesterday, the state of Hessen passed new, even stricter Corona regulations that do not allow an event like ours; as a result, the hotel has cancelled the event.

We are very disappointed, we had really been looking forward to the tournament... and just a few weeks ago everything looked good... but unfortunately the situation in Germany has dramatically worsened again. We are very sorry about that, but that’s the way it is. We will plan a new tournament in Darmstadt for next spring; hopefully this time it will finally work out.

If you - like us - have already booked your rooms at the hotel, you can of course cancel it without costs (but you have to let the hotel know! Your rooms are not automatically cancelled by the cancellation of the event).

Keep your chin up, and hopefully we will see each other again soon, at a tournament under normal circumstances, after the new almost-lockdown.

Your P4P Team