P4P Darmstadt Open ITSF Masters 11./12.12.2021

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Hello foosball community!

YES! Finally! Finally another P4P tournament in Germany, and at the MARITIM Hotel Darmstadt, one of the best locations for our tournaments!

The tournament will also count as an ITSF Masters, so you will get points for the ITSF ranking. In addition, starting places for the ITSF World Cup 2022 can be won!

Here we will play our "Bamberg model" for the third time, which is characterized by the classification doubles/singles, a limitation of the number of disciplines in which one can be active at the same time and a package price for the entry fees. As a result, we expect less blocking, thus saving time, which in turn means earlier finishing times for everyone. In addition, the model ensures that everyone can play almost continuously. Either because he is successful in his disciplines, or because you can always sign up for new disciplines as soon as you have dropped out of one. And that without additional costs!

Corona notes

While the vaccination campaigns have made good progress, we still have to follow a hygiene concept, which you can also find on the website - depending on further developments, there could still be short-term changes to it.

The concept requires a pre-registration and compliance with the 2G rule - only vaccinated and recovered persons can participate in the tournament. In return, both the mask requirement and the distance rules within the hall will be waived. Exceptions are only made for children: infants up to 6 years of age do not need to be vaccinated; for children up to 12 years of age a negative digital test certificate is sufficient.

When booking your hotel, please make sure to agree on favorable cancellation conditions with the hotel, in case the tournament has to be cancelled at short notice (which we do not hope, of course).

House rules Maritim Darmstadt

Due to earlier incidents (damage to property, leaving without paying, too many people in the room, bringing food into the hall etc.), we are currently "on trial" at the Maritim Darmstadt. We therefore ask you to strictly adhere to the house rules of the hotel and to our tournament rules, because violations will result in immediate disqualification. Also as a result of the earlier incidents, we have to hire a security service. In order to cover some of the additional costs, we will charge an organizational fee of 5€ for this tournament. On the other hand, since there will be only 2 tournaments this year, the membership fee is reduced to 5€ :-) If everything goes well, we can hopefully do without the security service in the future and thus save these costs.

For room reservations in the Maritim hotel you may use these links:

DE: https://reservations.travelclick.com/109824?groupID=3325028&adults=1&languageid=7
EN: https://reservations.travelclick.com/109824?groupID=3325028&adults=1

Apart from the Corona-related precautions, we are looking forward to an exciting tournament with many great games!

Your P4P Team

P. S. At the tournament we will again use our new tournament software, which among other things supports a comfortable pre-registration - more information will follow in the next days.