Receive match calls on your mobile phone

Option one: App for Android and iOS

During a tournament, we send all game calls as "Push Messages" -- so you will be reminded by your mobile device as soon as your game is called. This requires the installation of the P4P messaging app:

  • Install "P4P Messaging" from the store. Since the app is still beta, you may not be able to find it by searching for the name -- use this link instead (Android) or this one (Apple).
  • After starting the app, it will first ask for permission to send you notifications. You have to allow this, since game calls are just such notifications. (We do not send any other kind of notifications via the app).
  • Next, our server needs to know which phone belongs to your P4P player number. To do this, click on the gear icon at the top of the app menu, enter your player number in the setup screen and select "Register".
  • That's it! From now on, your game calls should appear on your phone. To try this, you can log in to and trigger a test notification in the account menu (at the top, where your name is displayed).

Further information

  • You can delete your device registration in the account menu at in case you no longer wish to receive notifications. Of course, you can also just uninstall the app.
  • If you reinstall the app, delete the app data or use a new phone, you will have to send your player number to our server again (via the gear icon/settings menu in the app).

Option two: Telegram bot

If you are on Telegram, you can receive game calls via this bot: > Scan the QR code or follow the instructions there.

Disclaimer: The Telegram bot was written by Christian Kuhl, independently of P4P.