Boards and Commissions

Executive Board

  • 1. Vorsitzende: Heinrich Opgenoorth, Köln
  • Stellvertreterin: Ines Stihler, Paffing
  • 2. Vorsitzender: Moritz Schneider, Bamberg
  • Stellvertreter: Florian Grafweg, Pfaffing
  • Schriftführer: Stephan Hoppe, Bamberg
  • Kassenwart: Bodo Fripan, Mainz
  • Beisitzer: Bernd Kensy, Katlenburg-Lindau; Christian Heber, Bamberg

Arbitration Committee

The current members of the arbitration committee are:

  • Christian Heber
  • Florian Grafweg
  • Kurt Seisenberger
  • Thomas Artinger
  • Cornelius Kniepert

The arbitration committee handles all appeals and other problems arising in the association. More details can be found in the corresponding code of procedure.

Contact: schiedskommission(at)

Anti-Doping Committee

The current members of the anti-doping committee are:

  • Ines Stihler (chair)
  • Lena Schmidbauer
  • Phillip Derventlis
  • Jens Roos
  • Kathrin Michaelis
  • David Detre
  • Cornelius Kniepert
  • Florian Grafweg
  • Frank Brauns

Details can be found in the corresponding code of procedure.

Contact: antidoping(at)

Every player who wishes to participate in a P4P tournament has to sign an agreement declaring his or her willingness to undergo a drug test as requested by the committee.

Officials Commission

President of the officials commission: Christian Heber

Officials: Frank Brauns, Falk Rüdiger Friedl, David Detre, Andreas Hubatsch, Ruben Heinrich, Björn Hoffmann, Bernd Kensy, Semin Mensah, Johannes Müller, Silvio Müller, Thierry Müller, Kurt Seisenberger, Markus Salewski, Ulrich Stoepel, Roland Töppe, Nicolas Voigt, Marcel Wefers, Yannick Correia, Filip Kubiatowicz, Patrick Lopez Fernandez, Billy Do, Dominik Pfingst, Christian Müller, Cornelius Kniepert, Thomas Haas, Alexander Di Bello.

Contact: schiedsrichter(at)

Rules Commission

The Rules Commission handles the ongoing refinement and improvement of the P4P Rules of Play. Current members of the commission are:

  • Kurt Seisenberger
  • Heinrich Opgenoorth
  • Patrick Lopez Fernandez
  • Cornelius Kniepert

Contact: schiedsrichter(at)

Rankings Commission

The rankings commission handles all matters regarding the ranking system, the relegation / advancement of players, the classification of new players etc. The current members of the rankings commission are:

  • Heinrich Opgenoorth
  • Patrick Lopez Fernandez
  • David Detre
  • Cornelius Kniepert

Contact: rangliste(at)

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  • Web site: webmaster(at)
  • Youth department: jugendarbeit(at)
  • Public relations, sponsors, general topics: info(at)