How Our Tournament Software Works

Start page:

Registration / Set Password / Select Language

  • First, set a password for your account, if you haven't done so before: »Login« »Create initial password«. Now you can enter your P4P player number (or your name, and then select from the list) and set your password. Language settings are at the top right.
  • [Important: You first need a P4P player number. If this is your first P4P tournament, please fill in this registration form and send it to, then we will create a player number for you. You may digitally sign the form, or sign it later at the tournament. This is only required if you don't already have a P4P player number.]
  • Now that you have set your password, you may sign in to the software wich »Login«.
  • After login, you will see a »Player Menu« with your Name at the top; this is where all self service functions are located (enter your results, register for events, change your profile data, settings for push messages etc).

See running games (who is playing at which table)

  • Menu → »Games«. The match plan of an event can be seen by clicking on the event short code in the games list.

See Your Own Games / Results / Price Money

  • Player Menu (at the top where your name is) → »Price Money«
  • Results for the complete tournament are at »Tournament« → »Results«

Register For Events

  • Player Menu → Registration. In the form, check the events you wish to play (also fill in your doubles partners), then press »Check« and if everything looks correct »Save«. If you have to pay any registration fees, you have to come to the tournament desk an pay them there.
  • At the same place (Player Menu → Registration) you can see if you have any open entry fees that you have yet to pay. With the menu option »Payments« you can check a detailed list with all your entry fees (including already paid and yet to pay fees).
  • Important: You pay only your own entry fees. For your doubles partners, the software will create »open payments« which they will have to pay for themselves. (This was different in our old software.)

Enter Your Match Results

  • Player Menu → Enter Result. Here you can enter a result after you have finished a match. Of course, you can still chose to instead come to the tournament desk and tell us your result (old school).

Get Your Match Calls As Push Messages

  • Install the app »P4P Messaging« from the Play Store like described here. Since the app is still in beta, you may not be able to find it in the Play Store by searching for the name -- use this link.
  • Enter your P4P player number into the app, and click "register".
  • That's it! From now on, you should receive your match calls on your phone.
  • To try it out, while not being at a tournament:: Player menu → Account → Send Test Message.

Check / Update Your Profile Data

  • Player Menu → »Account«. Please check if your data is correct, especially the mail address – the mail address is important to recover your password, if you should lose it. You can delete your data after the tournament, if you wish. See our privacy statement.