We have to say goodbye to Friedrich Kircher

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Dear Players and Kicker community,

yesterday we received the sad news that our long time friend and companion Friedrich Kircher has passed away. For so many years, he was an indispensable part of our community, both as a player and as a person, with his inimitable style... Many may not even know that he invented the "Jet" shooting technique named after him, sometime in the 90s - born out of necessity at the time, because he was unable to shoot "normally" during a trip to the USA due to an arm injury. Legendary was also his firm handshake! Since the 80's, Jet was active as a player and tournament organizer, and for many years he took over the table transports for us from P4P with his truck.

We will miss you very much, Friedrich. You will remain forever in our memory.

Your friends from P4P

The funeral will take place on 30.12.2022 at 10 am at Alter Friedhof in Darmstadt.