News at the beginning of the year :-)

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Hello dear friends! Here is some current information about the P4P tournament series:

  • We have now carried out the promotion/relegation at the end of 2023 (i.e. after the Holy Three Kings tournament). You can find the lists of promoted/relegated players at the usual place. If you notice any errors, please send an email to
  • As a reminder, Rookies will now be promoted immediately (as soon as they finish in the top three, or in the top five for the second time). At the end of the year, they will be allowed to play "Rookie" at the Championship, though.
  • You can read the minutes of our December general meeting here.
  • We have now an iOS version of our match calls app -- big thanks to Senne Claeskens for porting it to iOS!
    Read more about the app here
    P. S. For Android users who have already installed our app, it should update automatically -- but you will have to re-register your player number in the app because the port to iOS has fundamentally changed the code.
  • It turns out to be difficult to fix a location for our season-opening tournament around March, but we're working on it. At this tournament, we will also play with the yellow ball for the first time.

Best regards,
your P4P team